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Sometimes we get second chances

And sometimes we never make it past the first

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Hatake Kakami was born to Karou and Sakumo Hatake. She was four years old when she entered the Academy and graduated at five to enter a semi private tutalage under the future Yondaime. She passed the Chuunin exams at six but on advice of her sensei, held off on trying to be jounin for a few years.

By seven, her family began to fall apart. A disgrace had Sakumo gradually stripped of her status and rank. Karou went on a mission and never came back - it is very unclear if he met with misfortune or if he simply left. Sakumo commited suicide and her younger sister Jimaiya locked up the family home after the funeral before leaving the village herself.

Kakami recieved two teammates when she was nine - Uchiha Obiko and Kiyoyama Rin. The two girls often clashed, leaving Rin to play peacemaker. Kakami was promoted to jounin at thirteen and led the fateful mission which left Obiko dead and Kakami with a Sharingan eye. Rin and Kakami witnessed the Kyuubi and their sensei's death at fourteen and a year later, Kakami joined ANBU.

She became a captain at eighteen and trained a young woman named Tenzouko. At about twenty-one, she resigned her ANBU position after her last teammate Rin was declared dead after a mission. At twenty-six, she passed her first team and Cell 7 was formed.

About a year from now, Rin was found alive by Kakami and Asuka during a mission. Since then, she has been a little offbalance but is starting to finally equal out.